Amigurumi White Fluffy Bunny and Her Baby Brown Bunny

everyone! I've just finished my pastel yarn project and I'd like to present them to you all! The first couple is YUKI & YUCHI - a white fluffy bunny & a tiny brown bunny.

~♪♫ YUKI YUKI is about 5.5 inches from head-to-toe. She was born from white pastel ball and worsted weight yarn stuffed with fiber-fill. Her pink apron made from felt and embroidery floss and her ribbon made from pink suede. YUKI loves sweets! So, if there're plenty of sweets in your place, you'll be happy for sure. To grant her more adorable characteristic, you can brush her cheeks with pink blush.

~♪♫ YUCHI YUCHI is about 3 inch tall. He was born from the northern Thailand's dyed organic cotton yarn stuffed with fiber-fill like YUKI. Despite of his tiny size, he's quite strong! Wherever YUKI will go, he will always accompany with her and protect her from any danger.

This lovely couple is available at my Etsy store! Their pattern is coming soon!

Thanks for drop by my blog :) Have a nice Day!


  1. Those two are just adorable!

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