The Northern Thailand's 100% Dyed Cotton Thread!

Hi everyone!

I've just listed the first supply in my store - the Northern Thailand's 100% Dyed Cotton Thread!

These are hand dyed 100% Local Northern Thailand Cotton Thread. Materials use are from flaxes naturally growth up by the Northern Thai local people and dyed by hands. Each skein weight about 75 grams (approximately 2 skeins could be knitted a medium size handbag). This kind of thread is perfect for knitted or crocheted clothes, dolls, tableclothes, wristlet, handbags, and many more.

In this first lot, it contains 12 color cotton threads! If you're interested in these thread, please visit my store http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=27319270 And for more photos with color codes are available on my flicrk http://www.flickr.com/photos/rabbizdesign/

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Amigurumi White Fluffy Bunny and Her Baby Brown Bunny

everyone! I've just finished my pastel yarn project and I'd like to present them to you all! The first couple is YUKI & YUCHI - a white fluffy bunny & a tiny brown bunny.

~♪♫ YUKI YUKI is about 5.5 inches from head-to-toe. She was born from white pastel ball and worsted weight yarn stuffed with fiber-fill. Her pink apron made from felt and embroidery floss and her ribbon made from pink suede. YUKI loves sweets! So, if there're plenty of sweets in your place, you'll be happy for sure. To grant her more adorable characteristic, you can brush her cheeks with pink blush.

~♪♫ YUCHI YUCHI is about 3 inch tall. He was born from the northern Thailand's dyed organic cotton yarn stuffed with fiber-fill like YUKI. Despite of his tiny size, he's quite strong! Wherever YUKI will go, he will always accompany with her and protect her from any danger.

This lovely couple is available at my Etsy store! Their pattern is coming soon!

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Amigurumi Pinkie Girl (Crochet Doll for Display)

everyone, how are things?

I'd like to present my newest amigurumi "Pinkie Girl". She's about 5.2 inch tall with dress, boots, and cap. I created her from my imagination. This is a revision of my first pinkie girl which is...

The above girl, I made her last year... and this is the revision of the first one...

Now, Pinkie Girl is available on my Etsy store both finished doll and PDF Pattern.
Just follow these links:

* Finished Doll: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26600733
* PDF Pattern: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=vl_other_2&listing_id=26611267

Hope that you'll love her :)


Amigurumi Happy Monkey Family!

Hi everyone!

Today, I'd like to present my recent project "Amigurumi Happy Monkey Family!" I've created the monkey dad & son already. However, I still have no idea how to create the mom!

These amigurumi monkey (both actual dolls and pattern) will be available on my store at Etsy soon!

To visit my store just click http://rabbizdesign.etsy.com


Toby Bear the Furry Amigurumi Bear Doll

This entry... I'd like to present my latest amigurumi selling on my etsy shop
http://rabbizdesign.etsy.com His name is "Toby!"

Toby is a lovely bear. Though he might be looked quite arrogant, actually he’s quite shy and need somebody be with him. Toby is approximately 4 inches tall when sitting. He was born of acrylic yarn, flet, worsted yarn, and embellishment. He is stuffed with polyester fiberfill. His lovely brown apron is made from felt and embroidered with embroidery floss in flowers.

Taking care of him is as so easy as Alice Bunny. You have to brush his fur just once it is untidy.


The gallery of Toby Bear and friends is available at my Flickr
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I've just been a newer to Etsy!

Yesterday, I opened my store on etsy...
http://rabbizdesign.etsy.com and I've listed about 12 lists right now!
Still, there is nothing sold out yet.

Well, I'll looking forward to whoever be my first giveaway!

This is the latest item I listed...

...I won't give up today :)

I'm participating in YART Sale. So, I hope there might be someone drop by
and be my first giveaway >w<~ ........FIGHTO!!!!